FAA licensed & insured drone pilot with a background in photojournalism and

field photography.

Create websites and

empower future users on

Wix, Wordpress, or other ecommerce-ready platforms.

Solve operational challenges as they relate to sales, software, bookkeeping,

and tax prep.


Diana Soliwon

Storyteller, Builder, Problem Solver

Hello! I'm the owner of DSOLI MEDIA CO., a.k.a. multimedia junkie who likes blending new tech with visual — and practical —  solutions to everyday problems.  Armed with speedy gadgets and deadline habits, I've worked in newsrooms, warehouses, and boardrooms over the last 10 years. I love a good team.

When I'm not consulting with clients or making pictures, I'm studying for certifications in UAS mapping and thermal applications. I earned my master’s in new media from Southern Illinois University in 2010, and my bachelor's in journalism in 2009. I'm here by way of Florida, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Louisiana. (Go Cards!)

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