UAS Drone Disaster Camp in Miami

I recently attended Airborne Response's inaugural UAS Drone Disaster Camp in partnership with Florida International University's Academy of International Disaster Preparedness in North Miami Beach, FL. We spent two days learning about drone applications as they relate to disaster preparedness and search and rescue operations. Completion included a certificate of training.

Of the dozens of promising drone applications, it was intriguing to learn that communities are most responsive to the idea if it's to serve a greater purpose. By partnering with local law enforcement and utility providers, the public's exposure to drones helps build upon the many other tasks drones can accomplish.


  • Drone applications include oil & industry, agriculture, forestry, groundwater resource management, structure inspections real estate, search & rescue, 3D mapping, 3D modeling, filmmaking, storytelling, marketing, satellite data partnerships, AI, and more.

  • People Don't Believe It 'Til They See It.

  • Professional pilots should learn the phonetic alphabet and invest in the Yaesu FTA 450L or similar airband radio to maintain safety and situational awareness during ops.

  • Tethered balloons are a helluva cool workaround in restricted airspace.

  • In the quest to collect a myriad of data, be wary of committing to one system or brand - the Department of Defense may throw a monkeywrench at it.

  • Only self-deploy during a disaster if you want to become part of the problem. (re: DON'T).


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